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  1. workshop on advance diagnose

    Chai Pe Charcha

    March 8 @ 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm IST

Dr. Nawal Kishore, is trained and mentored by Dr. Lajpat Rai , father of Neurotherapy who is renowned for developing a novel technique (LMNT) of curing the masses without recourse to medicines, and for his selfless and dedicated service to humanity.Dr. Nawal has been practicing the science of Neurotherapy since 2005. He focused majorly on treating India medicine less. As a young practitioner of Neurotherapy, his keen interest towards it was recognized and he became the recipient of Gold Medal in Neurotherapy in the years 2005 & 2006. For his great effort towards strengthening the science of Neurotherapy and also expanding its familiarity, he was honored with national awards for consecutive 3 years 2014, 2015 and 2016.He is a health Director at Sewa Foundation, a non–profit, non-political charitable trust, established in 2015.Following the path of his teacher Dr. Lajpat Rai Mehra, he devised that the Sewa’s focal point was to provide free service to the people who are in dire need of it. The Sewa functions at urban, rural and remote areas.

Apart from all of his contributions, he is an OPD Consultant and has a clinic at Vivek Vihar, New Delhi since 2005. He has been consulting patients and treating them with the techniques of Neurotherapy. At present, he is a senior Neurotherapist and health wellness consultant with Anubhuti Yoga Centre at Vivek Vihar and Om Bhikshu Medical Centre at Nirman Vihar. His expertise and experiences of Neurotherapy in treating diseases without using of drugs has benefitted over lakhs of people across the country and is still counting. He runs India’s number one study centre of Neurotherapy at Vivek Vihar, New Delhi. He has trained thousands of people in becoming a qualified Neurotherapist from all over India. He wishes to increase the number of neurotherapists even more so that people get medicine less and non-invasive treatment where there is no cut or break on the skin for the treatment of the patient.

Today, Shri Nawal Kishore is one of best known names of India in the field of Neurotherapy. He has spread the message and importance of Neurotherapy in providing drugless treatment of diseases and ailments with no side effects.