Neurotherapy is an ancient Indian treatment which was devised by Lajpat Rai Mehra. Neurotherapy had been practiced in India since ancient times. The main focus of Neurotherapy treatment lies in improving the immune system of an individual. It is believed that just by improving the immunity of an individual by regulating the blood flow and proper secretion of the body, an individual can recover from any ailment.

Neurotherapy treatment had been a desirable form of treatment as it is a medicine-less and non-invasive form of treatment. The fact that Neurotherapy operates on no use of medicine or surgery makes it an ideal form of treatment for elderly and also for the people who do not well respond to medicines.

But you might wonder, if Neurotherapy treatment does not use any medicines or surgeries then how does Neurotherapy treats an individual. Neurotherapy is a special a unique form of treatment. The basis of Neurotherapy is to apply certain pressure points on the body. These pressure points are directly or indirectly related to organs inside of our body. When pressure is applied to these points, it is believed that the blood is regulated to the weaker organs. When the blood flow gets proper, the organ is said to function properly. 

Also, it is believed that when pressure is applied to these points then proper secretion of hormones and chemicals also takes place. The culmination of proper blood flow, proper hormone secretion and proper secretion of chemicals helps function the organs and body to function properly.  

Let us see how Neurotherapy Treatment becomes a better form of treatment:
•   When illness is treated by medicines, side-effects can be caused. Which becomes even more difficult. While Neurotherapy caused no side-effects.
•   Certain people do not respond well to surgeries, it may take them a lot of time to recover from a surgery. Also patients who suffer from diabetes cannot undergo a surgery which makes Neurotherapy the best form of treatment to choose.
•   Neurotherapy Treatment is a less expensive form of treatment compared to other forms of treatment. Neurotherapy treatment involves no medicine or surgeries. Medicines are expensive and so are surgical procedures. Surgical procedures involve equipment which are very experience. Making Neurotherapy the most sought after treatment.
•   Neurotherapy is an easy form of treatment which means it can be performed anywhere. Neurotherapy is a form of treatment which can be performed at home as well. 

Who should switch to Neurotherapy Treatment?

Neurotherapy is an efficient and uncomplicated form of treatment. This form of treatment is un-complicated and un-demanding. It is ideal for everyone. But it is recommended especially for patients with following complications:
•   Patients who do not well respond to medicines
•   Patients with diabetes or patients with the fear r undergoing a surgery.
•   Children who should keep away from medicines so that no side-effects happen.
•   People who do not like intake of medicines and want to traditionally get cured.
•   Individuals who want to treat the disease as well as the underlying cause of it.

Neurotherapy India 

Neurotherapy India is a Neurotherapy Treatment & Education Centre. Neurotherapy India is headed by Dr.Nawal Kishore who has been practicing Neurotherapy since 2005. He is trained under Dr.Lajpat Rai Mehra who is the founder of Neurotherapy. Dr.Nawal Kishore just like his mentor Dr.Lajpat Rai Mehra had been focusing deeply on spreading this unique ancient Indian form of Treatment – Neurotherapy and also to teach the young Indians the art of Neurotherapy. There main aim was to treat India medicine and surgery less. 

Neurotherapy India is formed by a team of Neurotherapy experts who maintain the nobility to treat their patient and cure them completely. Neurotherapy India has treated lakhs of patients till date suffering from Arthritis, Depressions, stomach ailments and other such diseases. 

Neurotherapy India also have a non-profit organization which aims to treat the poor and the needy who are in dire need of treatment in the Delhi NCR region without charging any penny. This noble act has brought great laurels to Neurotherapy India. 

Neurotherapy India is currently situated at C-190 Basement Vivek Vihar, Delhi.

People who want to seek treatment of Neurotherapy can easily avail the treatment at the clinic as well as at home. You can give us a call at +91-9818425042. You can also avail our Doctor at Home service for getting treatment at home.